Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Buns of a man.

Ahh... my baby... come here ... commeeee here.... kissy kissy... hugs... i missed you... there...there... down boy... down boy!!

Due to my long absence from blogging, I had forgotten my password. Anything that is not used for long tends to fall away. Much like my penis.

In my absence, so many things seems to have happened. Things are a lot more clearer now. I guess with age does come a sense of self assurance. Your age group are the ones currently running the show , so you can actually give a fuck to what they think of you.

I guess that's why this is here -

Man Buns

Nope . Not those.

To be fair, even I thought along the same line when I first heard it. The latest trend - Man Buns! And I am going like, fuck me blue, I have no buns to talk about.

But the plan to shove pillows down my pants was stalled when I found out that the new fad was this :

Its apparently a new fad which originated in New York.

Er, I hate to break the bubble but that is the oldest hairstyle in the world. Buddha sported the same thing and no one calls him a hipster. Go down to India and every self respecting ascetic looks like a Jamaican. Remove the turban of a Sikh and lo, a man bun. Go to a temple pond in Kerala and wait at the exit of the women bathe area and if you dont get beaten by them, you will see a man bun on a woman.

If your hair is long , then this is the most practical way to keep it in one place.

I would have certainly gone for this, except that the area where that bun is supposed to be tied is devoid of any follicles. It is like a nuclear test area. Nothing grows there. I have a place on my head like the Tunguska event.

That's where this little fucker comes to use.

The clip on man bun !

I think I will just stick to shoving pillows down the back of my pants.

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