Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sucking it up.

So, I am on the Vamamarga path.

That's my new thing.

Those not in the know, google it.

No . Wait.

I will explain. It is the Aghora path, which basically along with a few other things also expects the practitioner to be celibate.

Considering that my wife is not living with me and that I am too ugly to have a girlfriend and too poor to afford to buys sex, this seemed to be a logical step to live my pathetic life with some dignity. At least here I can claim that my non existent sex life is a choice.

So now I spend a better part of morning, doing all sort of bandhas which forces the retained sexual energy from my mooladhara to my crown chakra. This would also perhaps mean that I can probably get someone pregnant by kissing her.


Another year has gone by. For the new year, I had gone to Goa with wife and kids.

Actually we drove from Bangalore to Goa and back

Did I ever mention how much I love the road?

I love driving. I love being on the road. I care little for the destination. But the journey.... man, that's the best thing about any journey.

One day, I will take off and just keep going .

So I was in Bangalore. Its a great place. I love it.

Have you taken a look at yourself as seen through a security camera? Every one looks like a criminal. We are all grainy ,weirdly shaped and we move suspiciously.

It doesn't help that with all the terrorists planting bombs around the town, the Bangalore town has been a wee bit paranoid.

(Totally off the mark, why do they say 'plant a bomb'? What grows from that seed? Does planting bombs, make these bastards agriculturists? Anyhow, back to my spiel.)

I walk around with a knapsack. In it you will find my purse, my phone , my Swiss army knife, a duct tape, a garbage bag, a compass, lighter and a book. Its my Bug Out Bag. I never leave home without it. It also makes me look very suspicious.

Did I tell you that I wear black all the time? That doesn't help.

Each time I go to a mall here, after the customary walking through those portals which looks like a door frame someone has forgotten to build a house around, I get to have my bags checked. I just stand back and watch the security rummage through it. I would love to ask him what is it that they are looking for? But I am too scared that they will book me under TADA which will mean TATA for me.

What I find remarkable is how seemingly terrorist free my Sand City looks. I mean it. Its like the whole world is burning around them and you would expect to see at least some sort of security there. But no, you actually don't see them.

But they are there.

Apparently the Sand City has a huge number of undercover cops. It must be easy for them because they all wear the same clothes there. Like how the guy who threw a petrol bomb onto the humongous Christmas tree in a mall found out. He didn't make three paces before he was tackled down, slapped , handcuffed and whisked away by about ten locals who seems to have appeared out of thin air.

I know this, because a friend of mine actually saw it. These guys are there. You just don't see them.

India cannot do that. Sometimes I feel its enemies are within itself. Like a house divided within due to ignorance, intolerance,suspicions and of course its self centered politicians who seems to use instability as a weapon to assure his/her stay in power. India does not have the liberty of being a country with a transient population of migrants who will obey the laws or else pays the consequences. We are too ancient and too varied for such simple methods. Our ways and nature seems to be too deeply ingrained within us that even 2 generations away from their homeland cannot wash it away. We retain our Indianess.

It still puzzles me when I see the diversity around me. I do not know if anyone really comprehends the uniqueness of a culture that has managed over 60 years of solidarity among st such diverseness in clothing, to religions, to food, to language , to climate , to lifestyles, to laws , to likes and dislikes. Its nothing short of an inexplicable mystery.

I have my own theory.

I think its due to our inherent nature of selfcenteredness. As long as we are not individually effected , we don't really care. The nationalistic pride of each state is probably the reason why 29 states and 7 union territories can co exist together as one. Its the clearly marked division that creates the illusion of unity.

I actually like it this way. No where else can it be said with all due honesty that variety is the spice of life.

Even if you have ulcer.


Sairekha said...

Amen to that! :-) I'm very taken by the fact that you're on an Aghora path.

Sairekha said...

Amen to that! :-) I'm very taken by the fact that you're on an Aghora path.

aMus said...

oooh, nice to read new posts here finally

tys said...

@sai : :) i am not permitted to talk about it ... but its the sort of thing that is expected of me, no? were you really surprised?

@amus : thanks a ton for the beanie!!!!! cant wait to get my head in it... it will be my trademark... regular bob marley i will become... wifey has given up on me

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