Saturday, February 20, 2016

The thinking fool

A famous man once said that Thoughts makes a man.

I know it sounds great but he apparently had no idea what he was talking about. Its so amazing what sounds so right can be so wrong.

Thoughts do not make a man more than ripples on the water is the water or the stone that got thrown in. Thoughts does not require your participation. It just keep on generating , processing everything that we experience like a mad man murmuring to himself. If you can observe something, then it cant be you, can it? I guess even the term 'my thought' , 'my mind' and 'my body' should have given the clue. Who is this elusive 'my'? If it is a possession, then that cant be you, can it?

My bike will always remain separate from me. No matter how much I identify with it, it will always remain separate from me. Thoughts therefore cannot be you. Body cannot be you. Mind cannot be you.

But your action is you.

So, why on earth am i giving you this gyan? Well I thought about thought. Try that. It is like reflecting a mirror with another mirror. Suddenly you cant get the analogy of the mirror out of your head and thought will go chasing after that like a dog after the stick you threw. The moment you become aware of that nature of thought, thought stands still , or at least becomes like an observed child in a play ground who knows that she is being watched.

Its amazing how much time i have in my hand.

Yesterday I was thinking how it must seem to be in my head. I sometimes feel, these posts are more now to myself. Like some sort of organizing . Like laying things out with no real attachment or fixation on it. I have realized earlier own that fixed opinions are just being stubborn. Perception changes depending on the angle. In the midst of that truth, a silent observance is all that can be really done. Everything else is just fleeting and transient.

But you know i am wrong..

Thoughts with intention is creative. I guess thats what is called a will.

Directed thoughts. That is almost like an action. It has the power to be turned or discarded as an action.

Sort of like words.

Thinking something and saying it out loud has got different repercussions.

A thought that is cultivated, fed, believed in...has a power to manifest.

We know this

In which case a person is what it thinks

Because it can define her/him.

Seeing thoughts for what it is without identifying in it or investing in it, is what is considered as detachment. It is not that you don't care. It is because you seek its cause. You care enough to end it. For which you are willing to go to the source. The distancing is not running away. It is to find a final solution. In doing so, you are willing to give yourself away... all that you know...all that is comfortable...all that defines you.... because once you see yourself as separate from your mind and your body, you are on a shaky ground.

you are no longer you.

awareness is your only rope.

everything..every action..every intention...every word that is uttered... because you know its significance on an other... you see it with clarity..sort of like seeing its past, present and future at the same instant.

and most of the time, silence is the best resort...inaction becomes the best action.

because you care.

because its all pretty perfect.

Fuck it. This is bound to be misread. Perhaps. But it had to be written.

Did I tell you that it also exposes you completely? That every justification, every defense you had built, every repressed memory starts glaring back with total clarity. You see. There is no hiding anymore.

And you become the lowest of the lowest. You are humbled. Stripped and kicked out. Everything will shed. You see your total insignificance. In a strange way you also see a beauty in that state. You are nothing.

The nothing pulsating with possibilities.

But even in that awareness , you realize, that you are still there. That you are still limited and its that limitation that gives you that perception.

Then everything comes rushing back.

You realize that there is only one way out.

There ...

There you have a thought that was followed to a conclusion.

Sound track for this one :)