Monday, December 21, 2009

Sun is still in my bum


I like that word. It sounds like what it implies. It sounds correct. Maybe its conditioning but vagina sounds nice. Clean. Medical.Text book. Almost clinical.



See what I mean? Same thing, different words...different imaging.

I taught my son to call his penis Pepe. Don't ask me why. I just did. I regret it. I should have just asked him to call it a penis.We really don't need several words to name the same things. Yet somehow we seem to do it. Its like Gandhi's word Harijan for the untouchables or the low castes. Over time the very word which was supposed to elevate them, give them a sense of pride, became a label. The very word , which meant God's children, became synonymous with being of lower caste. Now its illegal to call anyone Harijan. Its Scheduled Caste. Hopefully in the future we will just call them Indians. Or how about people?

Its the same with Negros who are now called Blacks. Its the same word. Same meaning. Different associations. Different history.Funny when you think about it.

Rose by any other name...

At 40 I have realized only one thing as a certainty. I have no clue. Everything is so confusing. Now we need to gauge every ones reactions prior to any actions. Now you will think twice before you go to comfort a crying child in the playground. Now you will refrain from correcting a misbehaving child. You will watch a husband beat his wife because its none of your business. You will not act because of what others might think. We have become so politically fucking correct that we have become eunuchs. Ooops. I forgot. I cant use that term anymore. Its fucking politically incorrect.

Truth is I don't know anything. Really I don't. Its not everyday you wake up and realize how stupid you are.

The last 30 odd years have been spend accumulating so called knowledge, experiences, cells and fat.

I have spend 30 years becoming a fucking hoarder!

So, during the last few years I have been doing a sort of spring cleaning. Basically cleaning out the attic. Now that almost everything I have accumulated is gone ( the fat remains) , Iam as empty as a retard. Ooops. Cant say that either, can I?

Tell you what I do know.

I exist.

The indention in the shape of my bum, much like the image in the Turin Shroud, on my couch ascertains my existence.

Truth is that's all I really know. I don't know if Iam the only one that exists and that all of you are just figments of my will and imagination. There is also a chance that all of you think the same way too. But Iam not sure. I can only be absolutely sure of my feeling, my pain, my love , my anger, my frustration...your emotions and feelings are concepts. I cannot and do not get a first hand experience of it therefore, it will always remain an empathetic understanding. An outside perspective compared with my own feelings , emotions and actions. No matter what I have read, or heard or been born into in the name of my heritage and culture, I still remain separate. This supposed existence of a unifying mystical formula is beyond my reasoning.

All I feel is : It must be the same for you.

Maybe its our separation that is the common factor. Imagine the fucking irony in that!


eunoia said...

hey tys...
hope everything's fine (this sounds like a bludy letter instead of a comment) but ya. i have felt that too - can't comfort a crying baby in a playground. watch a husband beat his wife up. i know exactly how helpless one feels. you feel like a misfit in ur world - wanting to be a part of theirs and make it alright but can't. i wrote something on this once.

P.S.: after thinking for a solution for hours, even i could come up with only this.

Blue said...

standing ovation!!!!

and a very catchy way to start the blog :)

Sankoobaba said...

at first I thought i got the whole point of this the end.. i didnt...

rm said...

now we know we all exist...may be thats a common factor

Madhumita said...

Believe it or not, you don't actually have to shock to get our attention - the contents are usually sufficient. Plus I really do detest foul language. And Tys, can't you just be? Trust me, its good for your health.

Hip Grandma said...

'So, during the last few years I have been doing a sort of spring cleaning'

How did you do it? cleaning up the attic seems impossible. And the junk accumalated there seems impossible to clean and is the root of all problems. BTW Happy entry into the 40s.

Arunima said...

"The last 30 odd years have been spend accumulating so called knowledge, experiences, cells and fat." atlest you are sure of that. I have just been running in circles is what I am thinking.

humbl devil said...

nys read...
as always.. :)

Tys on Ice said...

@eunoia: there is no solution. I dont think there should be one too. Thing is it tires you sometimes.

@blue : yep. I bet this post would have got zillions of hits ..

@sankoobaba : there are never any point to what I write.

@rm: hmmm...but tell me, is there a necessity for a common factor?

@mads : when have i ever been able to let it be? Sorry abt the foul adds emphasis , hence translates into passion...written words somehow seems cold without tone.

@hip grandma: it helps when you know its all just the window.

@arunima : its unlikely that u been just running in circles...things sticks to you...knowingly or unknowingly

@humble devil : thanks.

rm said...


cryptic clues said...

Hi, I just happened to stumble on your blog. And I enjoyed reading this post, and while much of it makes sense in this puritanical, back into the Victorian world, we are headed into (thanks to the resurgence of the Church, the RSS/Barang Dal, the Jamaats: you get the drift: the right wing! conservative Bush-ism); I think you need to understand the oppression of the language and certain groups of people. For example: the H word is banned because Gandhi in his typical upper caste practising Hindu condemned the dalits to the ignominy of "being without known lineage" of "Hari-jaane." And this came about, because the caste Hindu (men) asserted their right to control the sexuality of their own and dalit women, and relish it in ways they deemed fit. Ditto for disabled: the negativity of their capability was a syndrome of the industrial worker (which classified them into the able and the disabled, since the machines were designed to a standard causcoid male, and any modifications meant more costs). Coupled with capitalism, and the new trading of skills in market place, spelt the need for such classification of body types: able/disabled.

There's layers of politics and sociology and economics behind language, and not just political correctness.

Need I quote more examples: inter-sex? Dalit? Sex workers?

Anonymous said...


Wow dude, you know how to grab attention don't you. :) :)

The new political correct term for vagina is LADY GARDEN, so fucking gay don't you think. And it doesn't have the same impact does it. Who fucking invented that?
We know it looks like garden, but we don't need to be reminded of one do we.

Other things I realise is, you have suicidal tendency, at this rate you will have to have couch as your mistress. :) :)