Sunday, December 13, 2009

Breaking it down.

If you want to know the nature of time, you need to stand in a lift that is slow and the number of floors it travels to is more than 15. To make it more exciting, you and the bunch of people who takes the lift from the ground floor should not be added by people getting in from different floors. It causes distraction to the discomfort in experiencing time on a first hand basis.

Notice your stance.

You probably will be standing still, erect, looking ahead, almost not breathing. Or you will be looking at your feet or at the numbers on the floor display panel. You will feel the others behind you, like the breath of a spirit and theres almost a guarantee that you will not turn back to look or acknowledge.

When the lift door opens, you step out with almost a relief.

Now imagine getting stuck in one with your girl, just the two of you and not much of clothes between you both.

Time, my dears, hence, is relative.

See? My post is educational. Wasn't that way better than understanding it through some dead unfeeling formula?

This is what I have a problem with. This effort in making the most simplistic of things complicated.

Take life for example.

Now you don't need a PhD to live it. Hell, you don't even need a licence. You just have to be born and viola! you are carried away in its flow. Simple. Along the way, others in similar positions as you will come your way. You will exchange ideas, you will analysis each others methods to live, you will find some lives lived more attractive, then, abandoning your unique life, you will try to ape another life. From there starts your life of disappointment.

My wife disagrees. But I really think that there is no meeting ground in regards to individual. We are different. In every way. Similarity might exist in regards to our physiology, which helps in identifying us, pegging us, marking us as a species or some other such labels but we are different. Our lives are different, our experiences are different. Every emotion that we feel is different. My anger could be different from yours. My love is different from yours. The way we see colors are different. The way we smell the same thing is different. Our deaths will be different.

Then why do we think that there is a single path to a single source?

My enlightenment, if there is such a thing, is bound to be different from yours.

Maybe, just maybe, the Hindus got it partly right by having their 1 million different gods. Which then went on to become a mess.

Why cant we celebrate our uniqueness? Why is there this need to willingly come under a banner of religion, country, race, gender? Why is there this need to believe that my way is better than yours? That its only through my way you will find yours?

Think. Doubt.Question. Break it down. Tear it down. Then rebuild.

Only then , I think, can you call anything your own.

Even yourself.

Faith, without questioning is akin to slavery.

Have a great year ahead.


Mohammed Musthafa said...

Hey...heard of Objectivism? U sound like Ayn Rand right? Wouldnt know myself...havent understood her philosophy fully!

But yah...your right about breaking it down...building it back up...only way to understand stuff

eunoia said...

nice blog...btw i think some things are objective. some (not all) of the stuff about life is like a math equation. there is only one correct answer. but ya. like everyone else, you need to solve it on your own.

Sankoobaba said...

faith without questioning...
could be trust...

not in all cases...


Jules said...

Eff. I love you more now. Get outta my head, all knowing Tys! ;OP

I'm just kidding, of course. You are right, at least 95%. I agree. Can't wait for a world where all agree.

maggi said...

Nice post as usual! :)

Keshi said...

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to ya Tys! :)


Chinmay said...

Ah! not this kind of relativity again.. Tys, always a pleasure reading the way you write things, and i always learn from you, but sometimes i'm just in a mood of breaking things down. So lets see:
>>> "Time, my dears, hence, is relative... I have a problem making the most simplistic of things complicated."
This is as simplistic, flawed and convenient as - moon is a star just because it shines OR if in an examination hall whether you give me one hour or two i still cant answer anything HENCE time is the same - inconsequential.
>>>> "Wasn't that way better than understanding it through some dead unfeeling formula?"
Nature is probably not as feeling as we would like. Sometimes things cant be made any simpler.
>>>"My post is educational"
Now you don't need a PhD to know that :)

Coming to the uniqueness part:
>>> "Why is there this need to believe that my way is better than yours?"
There is none. ThinkinDoubtinQuestionin sometimes tells what way is better. Not yours or mine.
>>> "Why cant we celebrate our uniqueness? .. Then why do we think that there is a single path to a single source?"
We do. BUT that does not warrant anarchy like our Hindu gods mess. My singing is unique, they call me cacophonix and i hear everybody follows the notes/rhythm.
>>> "abandoning your unique life, you will try to ape another life."
NO we dont ape, but apes do learn from other apes, and their mistakes too :)

Hey, Sorry if i Tore it down, that omnipresent relativity thingy just drives me mental, i genuinely admire your writing n i'll rebuild sometime, i promise.

Tys on Ice said...

@mohd: have read ayn rand..didnt know it was a philosophy...but then everything is nowadays, isnt it?

@eunoia: yep...i think its a lot more beautiful that way..

@sankoobaba: i think the word is needs to be gained.

@jules : I hope not jules...i hope the world never agrees to a single truth...

@maggi : thanks

@keshi : same to you u been?

@chinmay: :)...loved it...u actually read it...thanks..

iam kind of glad that u dont wud have been boring if u did...hell, i dont agree with myself most of the time...but i sympatize with ur hatred towards relativity...i totally understand it..its as talked about as paris hiltons missing panties..