Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Great Indian Circus

I have been silent last week.

No. Really.

I took on this advanced course in art of living which involved maintaining silence for 4 days.

Is it just me or is there more out there who thinks that theres something weird about doing a 'course' in the art of living. Hell, if you breathe,you are alive, stupid.

Anyways. It was nice.

Saw a lot of butt cracks.

There should be a law against people doing yoga wearing low waist track pants and short t shirts. Silence doesn't help either.

Thing about art of living and Sri squared Ravi Shankar is that you get what you paid for. Its absolute value for money.They have an agenda and they need money for it and they are selling you the ticket to enlightenment. I like it. Its in some ways very honest.

The rich shall gain heavens and the meek will be the only ones remaining to inherit the earth. How poetic.

If you are an obnoxious ,anti religious, anti cult, anti social being like me, then all you need to do is skim away the guruji nonsense,learn the skills , thank the dude and move on.

I have nothing against people who walks around with a look like they are having their nether region tickled .

Truly I have nothing against this.

Each one to themselves.

But I understand this obsession with God men.

They seem to be the only ones who seems to be getting any action.

Thing is I have no idea why people are so bothered by this.

I have seen no job description of a Hindu god man that says that he cannot have sex. There is no commandments that states that the day one joins the saffron brigade, one has to curl up his ding dong and put up a Not In Operation sign on it. I dont understand the fuss. The clans in the Mahabharata started with the progenies of a Vyasa Munni.

I do know what the real problem here is.

You fuckers are jealous, aren't you?

You just cant stand the fact that there could be guileless , vulnerable women out there who will do it to you and still worship you, if only you were a god man. You are green with jealousy. You are incredible hulk green. You just cant stand it. No wonder you are ready to rip apart a man and a woman having consensual sex and the only problem you can find is that he is a god man. If you are going to use the argument that these guys are exploiting the vulnerability of these women, then I will kick you in your groin.

Which one of you fucks has not used the vulnerability of a woman?

We are constantly exploiting vulnerability. Each time you on the TV your vulnerability is being exploited. The marriage that you hold so dear is vulnerability being exploited.Your religion, your politics, your relationships, your roles as parents, your status as a child are all thriving on exploitation of the said vulnerability. So boo hoo to your crocodile tears for the vulnerable woman in the man's bed.

So admit it. Go on. You are so fucking jealous.

But if your are into orgy, then you need to become a politician.

Ask Tiwari

Personally I think we should give this guy a standing ovation.


Sankoobaba said...

"something weird about doing a 'course' in the art of living."

i agree...

its better to learn least you will learn the art of "living" healthy..

and about sex and god-man..

well he chose to be a "guru" for others..he wasnt forced to..

so if he falls for "worldly pleasures"..
how does that make him any different from his followers.. who are seeking God..
but are not able to cut of chains of wordly pleasure in the form of lust/greed/hate..
so I dont have problem in him having sex.. but he needs to get rid of this garb of spiritual seclustion..
live a life of common man..
after satisfaction
he can again meditate on the supreme being..and be hailed a "Supreme Personality of Godhead"

humbl devil said...


well, all our gods are married ryt??
and have so many kids...
some practicing why cant a god man have sex???

LOL @ shri squared!!!

Tys on Ice said...

@sankoobaba: I dont understand this; when did this god get all against good ole fashion rumple in the jungle? When did spiritualism started meaning that you have to subdue your nature and life? Why does a person who has shun all 'wordly pleasures' become so amazing to you? Personally I think the nearest u can get to a point of complete dissolving of self ( the so called stage) is when u have an orgasm.

I think sex shud be an integral part of a spiritual search. The problems that u see arnd u , i think, is primarly due to this repression of a natural act. Sex is not the problem.

I dont know this guy and I really give a rats arse abt his spiritual quest but to push him down the pedestal we have put him on on the basis of him having sex with an actress is really stupid.

If this supreme being is some sort of anti sex, taliban kind of guy, gimme the devil anytime.

Madhumita said...

Tys of course spirituality is trying to see beyond the miasma of our desires and basic instincts. If you don't separate mind and matter how do you hone, purify and elevate your thoughts. Why did you go away for 4 days to live a puritan life devoid of sex, gluttony and other indulgences in order to touch base with yourself again? I agree with Sankoobaba about posers like the havesexwithmeanytimeIcanexploityou - contract signing Swami. That just gives a whole new meaning to consensual sex!

Raja said...

I don't like the tone in which you talk about God(s) and Godmen.
Shri Shri Ravishankar Ji Maharaj has been sent to the earth by God himself.
Also, all those people who talk evil about Bhagwan Swami Nithyananda or Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, will be punished by God himself. dekh lena.
I strongly suggest that you buy a collection of 'pearls' of Sai Ram. That will change your thoughts and your life.

Om Sai Ram

Dr Roshan R said...

Umm, Tys.. I think we have a winner here ( comment above me ).. you wanna buy a "necklace of pearls", dude ? :)

Anyway, I agree with your post.. big part of it is jealousy.. heck, if my HUNKYBABA days had worked out, that could have been me instead of Nityananda .. sigh !! If only :)

Tys on Ice said...

@madhu : truth is I have no idea what spirituality really means. it must mean different things to different people. The 4 days of puritan life is enjoyable to me only becoz of the life of excess that i normally lead. So one begets the other. But i do get wht u and sanks are saying. We feel betrayed when someone we have raised to the pedestal based on his words and our vulnerable faith fails one day to meet our expectation. He falls. We somehow seems to forget that he was fulfilling the role you have bestowed upon him. So his fall is a fall only becoz its what u term as a fall.

All the man did was have sex.

How is this against any moralistic standards apart from ours? In tantra sex is part of spirituality. Hell, everything is spiritual, even living in a graveyard and eating corpse and copulating with dead bodies.

I agree with you that in order to touch base with urself, u need to first stand aside and observe, hence the removal from the usual pursuits and silence etc. Once achieved wht do u do with it? Is it necessary to stay in it or can we go back and try to live with it in ur normal life?

My question is who makes the rules? This swami guy or his so called disciples or the mass? Even if the action and the mode does not agree with u, its still something parties were getting into with their full acceptance.

@raj: :) , my fan! Told u that u wont last :)

In regards to being punished by god, time will tell wont it?

But one question. For a guy who is into god and godmen, what exactly have u learnt? That its ur way or the highway? That the path to this god of urs is some sort of exclusive membership club? For a bunch of guys who sit and chant abt universal love and brotherhood, dont u think u have just added onto the world another us and them?


Think abt it.

But I do admire u standing up for what u believe in knowing fully well that u cud be ripped apart in this comment column by some of the readers. That is gutsy.

Dr.Roshan : :) Hunkybaba. That has a nice ring to it. I would have signed up. We could figure out a way to end world hunger instead of focusing on making ash appear from our fingertips...then of course the fringe benefits.

Tys on Ice said...

@dr.roshan : I just read raja's blog. Its a pity we cannot get the tone when we write something. The guy is one step ahead of us. He even has a masterplan.

Jules said...

Have you been eating something funky lately that's making you a little bit loopy, my friend? Focus more on the butt cracks and less on the rest and you'll be happier.

Guruprasad said...

i like! :)

some like it and some like it not... but that's the way of the world!

i'm jealous? butt, of course! :P

Sonia said...

Oh man tusi great ho, how could you stay silent for four days!!

And I looked at Raja's blog, hilarious :)

writerzblock said...

Hmm.. mixed emotions on the Art of living course. I guess it one attends the course by (as you smartly said) Sri squared RS then it makes sense. The rest of the chela guru-jis are typical 'fully in operation psuedo-godmen' and destroy the name of AOL itself!!

Jon said...

Man just loved the ur blogs... Out of the extreme negativity you bring out the positivity..

Just like in Hinduism Christianity has this practice of monks abstaining from sex... And we have seen priests in child molestation cases. Face it man sexuality is a necessity... And if you don't want it don't go about saying that it is evil...

And Raja rocks man...

neena said...

Loved your blog! The recent post had me smiling, so did some of the comments.

Do me a favour by visiting my blog. A new one and no patch on yours...if possible, do link to yours.

Even without that, I'm your fan now. Keep it up and don't stay silent for long!!

Tussi sachi me great ho...


Shachi said...


I argue the same with my friends about godmen having sex - what is wrong with that? The only thing is - they should not preach to others about leaving everything,going to a jungle, etc to grow spiritually.

Sankoobaba said...

i repeat..

" I dont have problem in him having sex.. but he needs to get rid of this garb of spiritual seclustion..
live a life of common man..
after satisfaction
he can again meditate on the supreme being..and be hailed a "Supreme Personality of Godhead""

Navin said...

Om Sai Ram indeed brother. When you go shopping for them pearls, buy in bulk. You will likely get a discount and it will help our whole sinful family get a pass to the Sai Ram fiesta.

Let the Swami have sex, we know what the lack of it does to our catholic priests. I would rather the god men take a vulnerable adult than a little kid.

Om Sai Om

Sankoobaba said...

There is no heaven or hell or liberation... nothing but the Self in this expanded cosmic consciousness.

It is bondage when the mind desires or grieves at anything, rejects or accepts anything, feels happy or angry at anything.

The renunciation of desire alone is renunciation of the world.

Non-attachment for sense-objects is liberation: love for sense-objects is bondage.

Bondage consists only of desire, and the destruction of desire is liberation.

--Ashtavakra Samhita

Sankoobaba said...

No authority or effectiveness in life is possible unless the man in power has self control and self mastery. No man can live a happy and mighty life unless he has conquered his passions and crowned himself with kingship over himself.
-- Bhagwad Gita(11.17)

Sankoobaba said...

My take is simple..
sex gives us pleasure..
but have we really tried to overcome this and get more closer to god..
maybe there is more pleasure in that..
I have not done it..but maybe there is..maybe it isn't..
but we are too lazy to find out..

Poornima said...

I tend to agree with Madhu on this one Tys. It just doesn’t FEEL right, this 'sex-and-the-swami' thing. No logic, no reason, but that’s just how it goes. Doesn’t mean that I don’t want the poor guy to have a sex life, or that I’m a prude, or that just because I place someone on a pedestal* or ‘follow’** them, I foolishly believe that they have ceased all sexual activity, or that I think abstinence somehow makes one a superior being, qualified enough to now lead the derelict masses or anything…I simply dont FEEL that its alright. It’s sleazy, embarassing & somehow exploitative. On the same lines as discovering that your child’s teacher is the lady in the Nityananda tapes…you may say it’s strictly her business (and it is), but hey!

All religions have pretended that their preachers are above base instincts. So although technically we know that it can’t be, our sub-conscious has been conditioned for centuries to expect that of them. Same goes for people in superior positions of any kind, whether in society or in our own lives (like our parents for e.g.). So actually, were not even debating an individuals right to ‘a rumple in the jungle’, (what!!??)…I think what were really saying is WE’D RATHER NOT KNOW!! Knowing changes everything, really. & please, I’m no escapist.


oh, btw. * & **: I stick to all above opinions. But. I have NEVER. EVER. IN. MY. LIFE. been convinced enough to place any religious person on a pedestal or ‘follow’ them. The very thought makes me want to barf into a plastic bag. Just saying.

Madhumita said...

Sankoobaba: My point exactly - on both your comments.

Tys on Ice said...

@jules : must be those mushrooms i had whe i was freewheelig teen...iam having flash back episodes. Those butt cracks were ugly man. Iam scared for lfe.

@guru: now that was profound...u sure u r not in the wrong profession?

@sonia : staying silent was the easy part. I dont talk that much in real life any was when they said silence my thoughts, i realized that i dont have any..almost everything i spoke was spoken without ay thought..weird, eh? never thought of it..

@writerzblock: i wudnt say that..truth be told, the people are scaringly nice..but theres only so much goodiness that i can handle...i like my people being who they really are not wht they think they are.

@jon : thats my point..when did sex stop becoming part of sprirituality?

@neena : hey, i loved ur will be an honour to blog roll u...thanks for giving the permission.

@sachi : most godmen will be out of business if all their disciples leave homes, go to jungle and seek self..

@navin : theres no hope for us, bro. As we say, so it shall be, which means we will be around like some fart tht has once occupied but now is released.

@sankoobaba : first of all, thanks for thsoe comments..u went thru a lot of trouble..i have to conceed to your arguement...i do agree that somehow he betrayed the position he seemgly held...but is there any thing in what he preached that one has to give up sex to is agaisnt nature to deny ur natural state.

However there is truth in ancient long as we cater to nature, we will be part of it..part of the endless cycle of energy expressing...only by real understanding and finally by some sort of revelation that comes from within can we break it and self disintergrate...the resistance that u face is u trying to survive...survival is in ur gene..when the need falls away u will no longer exist..there is no pleasure or sorrow in it...there will be noone to feel is not hard or comes as a need then stays beyond its need..

@poori : someone wise once said that feelings are not facts. But I have to agree with u...especially after the anology of the teacher and porn..basically wht i cud gather from all the counter points are these :

- the godman represented something which he has now betrayed.
- all of us r judging him based on conditions we have set upon him and others like him and he has himself accepted to act out, therefore making him also responsible to others opinions.
- that theres this thought that sex belongs to base instinct and therefore shud be contained or risen above.( Personally i think fear is the base instinct and religion somehow encourages it but thats just me.)
- problem cud be in wht was told to us from people somehow in the know how and now we feel angry that we cud have been fooled. That all the teachings out there cud be from people like these. Since the rest are now dead , it is easier to accept minus the human factor.
- We are still basing all our assumptions and reasoning on dead peoples thoughts on something that has to be a unique experience for all of us, therefore cannot be put in a book , with a do it urself chart.

I think these shocks to our systems are important. That there shud be events taht shake us from the lethargy of just following. That gives us a glimpse into ourselves when we point our fingers. There is none out there but we and our perceptions.

brilliant arguement, poori. I salute u.

@ mads : :)

AMIT said...

Yes now days on TV adult things is being showed a lot.

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Anonymous said...


Don't be so nasty to godmen. We need them to equal the balance in the world, everything and everybody is needed for the universe to run right, like a car.


PS Did you by the pearls then. :)