Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A test.

What are the first thoughts that comes into your head when you see this guy?

Would you trust him? Is he nice? Is he the kind of person you can trust when you find yourself stuck in the lift with during a power cut? Is he someone you could depend upon? Can he be cunning? intimidating?

Gullible? vulnerable?

Can you figure out a person by just seeing?

Or is this person just seeking validation? Its possible.

Or is this person putting enough thoughts in your head to get the answers he knows he is going to get? Does he appear to be the kind of person who can manipulate you?

Is he bad? Is he good?

Does he look like the kind of guy you can be friends with? Friendship is a powerful thing. It has no expectation. Only acceptence. Will he reciprocate? Will he invest?

Can you see?

Is he vain? Is he tricking you? Is he covering all the gaps? Is he influencing your answers?

The real question is :

Can you judge a person by his words and his looks?

Now see this man:

His name is Joseph Merrick.

He was and always will be a better man.

Do we really see? Can we really see?

Imagine him being stuck in the lift with you.

Would you prefer me?


Sankoobaba said...

you have a way of making a point..
clearly its about perception...
ad also how people will judge someone by looks..
which is shit way of working but people do that...

"The mind's the standard of the man."
Isaac Watts

i guess very few people believe that.

Jon said...

Man U drove in a point like a sharp knife...
still i wont say the man in the first two fotos has a kalla lakshanam..

Kudos to ur better half

Arunima said...

went to wiki and read up about him. umm, agreed. I could be scared to be with him in a lift even if it is just a deformity. looks could be deceiving and we tend to be prejudiced too.

humbl devil said...

you have a very cute kid...

humans are prejudiced by appearances...it's in their genetic makeup..

Dr Roshan R said...

hehe... Would I get into the lift with either of them.. of course. In fact, I'm quite sure seeing my big fat butt occupying half the lift, you or the other guy would think twice about entering or waiting for the next lift :)

But true, appearances are and will always be decieving.. you can teach this to people ( me?) a thousand times and I'll still fall for it a 1001 times.

Poornima said...

God knows how you judge each other on appearances, Im awful at it. So I have a policy: Im nice to you if you seem nice to me. Even if youre acting. The hell with all the warnings. If I 'learn my lesson' later, so be it.

& who would i rather be stuck in a lift with? How does it matter? All three look the same to me.

Slam dunk.

From the SWIMMING POOL, did you get them huh?? :) :)


Mohammed Musthafa said...

checked on your blog after a long time...realised what Ive been missing...
Hey, have you heard about Toastmasters Club? Its a club for public speaking. If you'd given this as a speech, the ending would have been amazing. I could actually visualise it...
hats off!

Sonia said...

Oh man, what a post!! And yes, even though I am ashamed to admit, I would be freaked out being in the elevator with that other guy - if its just me and him :( Pls forgive me God!

peddlarofdreams said...

wow! I like the way you drove your point home! We humans are generally so entrapped by our prejudices that we miss out on interacting with some amazing human beings just because they don't "look" right.

Anonymous said...

i would have preferred the other man. something to look at, something to wonder, rather than this all pleasing smile .

Tys on Ice said...

@sankoobaba : i may not agree with isaac...mainly becoz this mind is just a result of experiences, thoughts, external influences etc..is man just a mind . if thts so, whos this watcher?

@jon:u dont think so?..everyone says that the expression on my face is always : enne kandal kinnum kattavanananu thonuvo?

why the kudos to the better half? and wht do u mean the better half?

@arunima : sad life no?..i have seen the movie based on him " the elephant man"...

@humbl devil : its the genes..shes got my great looks..if we r so prejudiced by appearance, how come we elect so many of them into our parliament?

@dr.roshan : iam a horrible person to be in the lift with...iam that sort who will be looking up at the numbers changing and tapping my feet and clicking my fingers...theres something abt being in close proximity with people in closed environment which makes me very uncomfortable..

@poori : ah, u r back! and in great form..donkey. actually i was waiting to see whos going to say that first..
congrats, u r the proud winner of my cat...u can come and take it anytime

@mohd : i think the pictures must have helped also :) how were the exams, pal? did well? whts the future plans? and hows the book coming along? btw, ramadan kareem

@sonia : i think most of will be...its just this inherent nature of discomfort we feel towards anything thats different from us..but it passes the moment you both communicate...thats the funny part...try it...perception only by sight is limited..combine that with speech and intution, we generally tend to transcend this...ask doctors, or social workers or people who work with people with disabilities...we have that capability also..

@peddlerofdreams : precisely...the reason i mentioned the example of lift is that all fear or repulsion will vanish if u and he just talked...

@anon : :) ...i so totally agree...imagine being stuck in the lift with a guy on whose face is plastered that stupid grin...psyco alert!

humbl devil said...

a politician's supposed stature is his appearance to the vote bank :D

Jules said...

Good post, Tys. I would be equally intrigued by you both. He frightens me less than you do though. ;P

Tys on Ice said...

@jules : I wont blame u though...theres a reason why i dont look at the mirror

Manasi said...

valid point... i judge fake people by how wide their eyes open when they laugh... smaller eyes on laughing means a more discerning individual... I dont like wide-eyes-laughter 'coz that means lack of Spine and i dont leave home without mine :-)

Tys on Ice said...

@manasi: how on earth does one laugh with their eyes wide open? That wud be spooky..i dont leave home without my spine either...it helps me slither a lot easier..

Anonymous said...


I think that guy in a top photograph looks mean. He is cutting a cake and a child is begging for a thin slice and he looks hell bent on only giving her crumbs. For goodess sake give her some cake, you meany.

This is where you learn to compromise. :)

Have a good one dude.

Anonymous said...


I think you should use the second photograph as your gravator, the one with tilak and smiling face = good man. You look bit sinister in the other one but in this you look bit like brhamin.