Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the end

Few things in life can give you the satisfaction of a job well done than passing out in a party.

The above sentence have no relevance to anything you are going to read further. I just felt that I should impart these nuggets of knowledge to you folks.

Lets call it enlightenment capsules.

My wife decided to have a small get together at home this Christmas eve. As long as there is alcohol, Iam kinda okay with any kind of gathering. The day Mac Donalds introduces the Mac JD Splasher in its beverage section, is the day Iam going to start attending my sons birthday parties.

There are few things that is more tortureous than attending some ankle biters 3rd birthday do.

I should know.

We had thrown one for my son, and I lost half my friend circle, which for me is practicaly the whole lot. I have been thereupon , rather unsuccessfully, trying to convince my wife to celebrate only the significant years in our childrens' life.

Celebrate birth,after which the next party should be when the child is 5, after that give it a long brake and give the key to your apartment and your booze cabinet and leave the city for the child to celebrate his/her 18th birthday. 21 should be celebrated as a 'get out of the house' party.

4 parties. Out of which for 1 you dont even have to invite any of your friends. Think about how fondly you will be remembered.

There are few things in life that will mean nothing to you in the end but for which you have lived your life, than being remembered fondly.

Anyways, back to the Christmas party.

I like celebrating a dead man's birthday. I mean we have been doing it for the last 2009 years and who am I to change the tune? My theory in life is not to fix anything that isnt broken. I also have great regard for a man who held the job description for just 3 years , the result of which changed human history.For the better or for the worse is anybodys guess. You need to admire that. I do realize that if this man takes a look at how his words has been interpreted , he would nail himself down on that cross again.

Fuck religion.Lets get on with the party.

Wife had, very intelligently , invited an ecelectic group of known suspects. There was my elder brother and family, and then 2 other couples where the respective wives were my childhood family friends, which in India makes them my cousins.

For an Indian, a cousin denotes any relationship with a member of the opposite sex whose respective families are close. This is the term used for giving the said relationship an innocence that it might not always deserve.

One of my 'cousins' is married to a guy who does holistic healing ( Yep, you know the kind), the other is married to a guy who is in the Tourism business. Then there is my elder brother, who is fondly known in close circles as Atilla the Hun and his wife. Finally theres me and my wife. Iam leaving out all the kids because they are not important in a Christmas party other than being recipents of gifts.

Some where along the conversation steered towards the 2012 . The holistic chap is convinced that theres going to be a change because we are going into some sort of age. We are now in Iron age, which is not that great because quite sometime back we were in the Golden Age. Its almost like the Pakistan cricket team. Human kind has been declining. According to him , these few years are to force us to change. As you know nothing motivates change than the threat of total annihilation.

The tourism guy says that nothing will happen and the whole thing will be like the Y2K thingy ( remember that?). Holistic says that is an ostrich approach. Tourism says that is called hope. My elder brother thinks we should make a plan to celebrate the ending, because either way the party is bound to be a success.

My take is why bother?

Each day we get up not knowing if we are going to see the end of the day. Life is a fragile thing. Easily begotten , easily forgotten. However we choose to see life; as a gift or as an incident or as an accident or as a natural cause when all the necessary requirements are in place; the end result, we all know, is that this will come to an end. Iam not interested in this deathless part of us which we claim to exist because my knowledge of it is second hand. I know I exist. I also know that what I call I is a thinking,walking, talking ,breathing animated bundle that is a culminated result of everything around me.

Iam the result of you.

If it was possible to peel away the layers of influences, experiences, exposures then perhaps like an onion you might end up with naught. This bundle has an expiry date. It ceases to exist one day. Period. No after life for Tys. Whatever that exists after that, if at all it does exist, will not be tys.

So why bother?

You know what I will be doing on the day the world ends? The same thing as Iam doing today. Living it in a very ordinary way.

But for those who wants to be prepared, please go here.


Jon said...

frankly i dont think end of the world is goin to be tht easy...we will slowly degrade awy without even knowing!!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

Linkin Park's right- In the end, it doesn't even matter!

maggi said...

Nices :)

Jules said...

There's so much in this post I'm not sure where to comment first.

Birthdays.. totally over rated. I'm a lazy mom as far as planning big events for my son's bday. But somehow I feel like I would let him down if I didn't give him a big party.

Christmas parties.. fun!!! I love all of December just for all the social events and gatherings (aka. times when being drunk and obnoxious is deemed ok).

Enlightenment Capsules.. you are a genius!

End of the world? Ya, it'll happen eventually, but not in our lifetimes. And if it does, so what. I've lived a good enough life to be happy and satisfied with what's gone on.

Arunima said...

i come here and laugh always. :-)

Travel Bug said...

You are too funny and here we are packing up survival gear for Dooms day and learning how to start fire from twigs, and you tell me its A OK?

Jules said...

Tys, you haven't been around in like a month.. you still alive?

Poornima said...

I think there should be a law that says bloggers cant leave their blogs unattended for more than a week. Or perhaps its time I got myself a life. Hmph!


Tys on Ice said...

@jon: revert back into slugs and back to the sea?

@jane: in the end , nothing will matter

@maggi: thanks :)

@jules::) trust u to be one person who must have read the whole thing...u r rite, u will have nothing to regret when the day comes

@arunima : i just dont recall posting my pic on this post

@travel bug : u know? I wanted to take up archery...i got a complete camping gear at the back of my suv...iam more than ready but to tell u the truth, iam just kicked about seeing a 100 foot tidal wave..

@jules : the last time I checked there was no pulse..

@poori : where were u woman?