Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Props to help you through another day.

Its been a month. Another year has been ushered in.

Actually I think the year tends to come in irrespective of whether we usher or try to shoo it away. Damn the fucker.

Anyhow; 2011 is upon us and while the world has been making resolutions or making resolutions not to make any further resolutions, I have been trying to live with the resolutions I have made in the last 41 years.

Recently I was part of a conversation with a married couple who was talking about how they should have just kept at having a live in relationship instead of tying the knot.

Translation: I want to wake up with someone else.

I mean what the fuck is the difference?

Being Indians, Live in relationship still does not mean that it will be just the two of them. There will always be 'the' families or 'the' friends. All relationship comes with a whole string of genealogy.

Of course, there will no longer be any of those stupid invitations to your niece's birthday parties or the mother's 60th birthday. If you do make the effort to connect with either of your families, you are going to be a source of embarrassment to all those born on the wrong side of the century and an envy to everyone on this side.

What’s the big deal in a live in relationship? For that matter what’s the big deal in a marriage either? The only difference seems to be in how fast one can get out of it.

So when couples say that they wish they never got married, what they mean is, they just don't want it with that person they are married to.

Yep. You heard it here first.

What’s with couples and the constant berating up of an institution like marriage? Personally I am not much into any type of institutions but I am not burning any bras over marriage either.

Living with a woman is hard enough without having to try deciphering the relationship. My antidote to an early visit from the grim reaper is not to wonder about a woman. You are never going to figure it out and even if you do, there’s no one there to verify if you are right.

Yeah, you try getting a woman to say, 'You are right.'

So among the other pertinent questions like; does the tree that fall in a forest, with no one to hear it, make any noise? Or do dog dream in color? Or is what I see real or just a neurotic translation of something else? ; I bury this deep.

Now those that have the misfortune in knowing me will be aware that I am a cheerful person.


You guys just happen to catch me in a bad mood.

All the time.

Make you wonder, doesn't it?

Thing is, off late, I am not finding too much to be cheerful about. So I decided to make a list of things to do this year.

It’s not a bucket list. The way things are going and the absurd sense of irony the universe seems to have, I am probably going to survive 2012.


This is just 10 things to get done this year. And if I accomplish all of it, I plan to consider the year as a successful year.

I even made the rules:

The list should contain:

- Something foolish
- Something dangerous
- Something new
- Something considerate
- Something naughty
- Something painful
- Something scary
- Something bad
- Something life changing
- A good deed for a total stranger without his/her knowledge.

I got my list ready about 7 days ago and I have already stroked off one. Only 9 more to go.

The things we do to wake up every morning!

As you are aware I am a very goal oriented individual who’s planning ahead span is about 12 hours. This means that I get through the day with the thought of spending the evening with my friend JD.

Now, for the ones who are shaking their heads and saying, that’s no way to live one’s life, I would like to politely ask; why the fuck not?

Thing is off late I am getting kind of tired of this blog. I feel like I have compromised. Like I have chickened out. I feel I am writing all this with the (2) readers I have in mind. I feel I have been diluting what I want to say. Sugar coating it.

This is why no one knows the identity of the Vendetta. He’s not like the wimp Spiderman who gets his tights laundered by Mary Jane. Vendetta dies unknown and therefore he can do what the fuck he wants. Say what the fuck he wants. Be the fuck who he wants.

When I started this, I aimed to laugh at everything. I wasn’t looking for friends. I was looking for people who will smile and say 'he’s got a point.'

I think I let them down (not that I care too much for that). More than that I feel I let myself down (this bothers me).

Truth is important to me. And I like it neat.

So thats how its going to be from now on.

So thats 2 things off the list now. Only 8 more to go.


rm said...

ok. lets see.

Jon said...

i dont get the simple thing tht wat's live-in goin to solve wat marriage can't
And you mentioned the greatest point ....Vendetta cannot fuck whoever he wants...'cos of the mask!

R-A-J said...

And in other news.... :)

Hey der,

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Romeo Das said...

Hmmm, all we can do is just wait and see.

By the way, in the meantime may be you would enjoy reading my post - To hold you in my arms, to promise you my love!

Tys on Ice said...

@rm: yeah.

@jon: the problem is not in wht we name a relationship, its in how we r willing to put into it. Wht price we r willing to pay for it. What say?

@r.a.j: with all due respect, why the fuck shud i do that? As a thanks for ur esteemed visit?

@romeo : be warned, i just might.

Tys on Ice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Poornima said...

Take heart Tys. You're well on your way to realizing your dreams of 'no compromise'. Im just going by your response to Blog-Beggary Attempt Number 3 & 4. (could'nt they have seen this coming, the lovely morons? Especially after the snarly tone of your post??)

Btw i think I heard of 1 heroic deed off the list, am very curious to know which category you put it under :-)

On a serious note, your boredom showed.


Tys on Ice said...

@poori: dear sister of a twin womb, the heroic deed comes under foolish...and in some ways new...after all didnt every new thing we did was slow in being done because we once thought it was foolish?

whts with this new bunch of characters who are turning up here turning my place into some sort of red lane with these solicitation? really.

its wasnt boredom...it was contentment..same thing.

Sankoobaba said...

this was the clincher..

"My antidote to an early visit from the grim reaper is not to wonder about a woman. You are never going to figure it out and even if you do, there’s no one there to verify if you are right."

I found it the hard way (not that hard i guess)

but I try no more...

I like that list.. but I guess I dont need one.. as those things will anyway happen.. maybe its coz I let them happen..ok I am blabbering again...

i dont feel let down..

i feel u r a bit down...

Sonia said...

Oh Ho what 2 readers, I read you too :) and don't write for others, write honestly for yourself so when you are seventy with nothing to do, you can wake up in the morning and read about your "youthful days" hehe..
And btw hahahahha Raj & Romeo, tys I think you need more of them to yell at, you might just cheer up fast after that ;)))