Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vivir la vida como un tonto

I am a very pro choice guy.

This is why I am all for abortion.

Actually I should not even be giving my 2 bit here since I will never have this happen to me but since the world is mostly run by my gender who seems determined to regulate and lay down laws on things they have no experience of, other than how it effects them, I think, I need to come out right and say this.

I am one of the men who think that the choice of abortion should be with the one who intends to do it.

Yeah Yeah...I know what you are screaming. Female infanticide.


Why are some women aborting female embryos? Hmmm?

Yep. Precisely. Because we have made living difficult for women. They feel a dead girl is better than a live one. A live woman is costly. Dowry. Marriage. No return on Investment. Anything else?

Why do these reasoning exists? We put it there.

Now how many of these reasons can be solved? Almost every one of them. Hell, it has already started. There will come a time when it won’t matter what gender the child is because both will have the same opportunities or lack of them in life.

Denying a choice is not the answer.

Now the moral questions.

Let me answer this as politely as I can: Your morals are an inward compass. It applies to you. You think something is morally wrong then don’t do it but to apply your morals onto someone else is like rape...keep your morals and allow others to maintain theirs.

Religious reasons.

Damn that. Religion is just politics. It is a frame work build to control people of similar beliefs. In my book it’s like the gang colors. So fuck religion. We really need to keep religion in its proper place. I don’t do religion. You can by all means. Just don’t let it step into my porch uninvited. It works for me not the other way round.

I have heard this respect for life argument. Now this one has me stumped.

When do you think life becomes life?

Is it during conception? Or is it somewhere in the mother’s womb, if so when? Or is it when the child is born?

From what I have seen in The National Geographic Channel, those sperms don’t look dead to me. Man, they seem to have a purpose, a goal and speed. That buddy sure sounds like life to me.

This brings me to my next question.

Can masturbation be a male version of abortion?

Is there an ongoing genocide happening everyday in every man’s life?

I don’t know. I would really like someone to enlighten me about this.

But I really think that people should have the choices. They should be able to choose what they want to wear, who they want to sleep with, who they want to spend a life with or a night with, who they pray to, what they do with their body or even when they want to die.

Small choices that do not in any way interfere or affect someone else’s choices.

Sure some of these will hurt us, make us feel bad, perhaps sad but if we are able to respect the other person's choices and understand the reasons behind it, and then it will be a great world to live in.

It’s not much to ask, is it?

Note about the title: Isn’t Spanish sexy? I mean even the most stupid sentence sounds like a bedroom drawl in Spanish.


R-A-J said...

Hey Tys, coolo post again...

Yup, Spanish is sexy..sexier is French, sexiest is the new Transformers babe :)

Masturbation the male version of Abortion...Interesting topic n I'm sure there's something thought provoking and intellectual to be said bout this topic...but trust me, u wont hear it from me :)

Jules said...
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Jules said...

I'm very pro choice too, in all areas mentioned here and maybe a few more.

Soooo... you masturbate every day, huh? ;P That's what that one sentence leads us to believe.

Poornima said...

Tys-once again you say stuff (and at other times, nonsense) that that mirrors my thoughts exactly...Im pro-abortion too, & the 'respect-for-life' argument has never washed with me. I have many more arguments to add to yours, but feeling too lazy this morning to sub-blog:-)

Long story short, amazing post. And really now, I MUST have a talk with our mothers to know who the mischief maker was :-)

diyadear said...

well let me add to ur list of reasons for female infenticide ..Its not just dowry, marriage ,. fear of rape etc.. its the basic fact that girls have no guarentee of a happy life.. What with ladki paraya dhan and all.. Even if the parenst send her off with riches and dowry there is no gurentee of a happy life for a girl child.. All u men are lucky Bas$$$$$..

Cocktail Party said...

@tys...i agree with u that people should be given choices of how and what they want...but even if the choice of abortion is given to the one who intends to do it, it would not make much of a difference, because there's a huge mental which needs to be tackled before giving the choice.

Answer to When do you think life becomes life? would be probably
somewhere in the mother’s womb after fertilization of the egg takes place

Can masturbation be a male version of abortion? of course not... masturbation can be probably compared to menstruation, a way of releasing sexual energies...or a cycle of shedding the old and making place for the new.

And it's definitely not genocide, because sperms are units of life and all such units combine to form a living being.

Mohammed Musthafa said...

Perhaps arguing against this post is meaningless since every one is ultimately entitled to his or her choice.

But your argument that masturbation is genocide is not fully accurate. Only when a sperm fuses with an egg is life truly formed. And I once read that a baby in the mother's womb feels pain when it is aborted.

Yes, it doesnt scream or wail like a born baby, but it still feels the perception of pain. Doesnt that mean something?

My opinion is, if you're not keen on bringing life into this earth and half way through the process kill it off, why not just use protection or contraceptives? Only in extreme cases where the baby's birth would affect the mother, can adoption be justified, I feel.

And going by your choice policy, is suicide also allowed?

It's funny how we'd all obviously object to a neighbour playing extremely loud music in the middle of the night. There, choice doesnt play a role.

But to kill the life of a baby, who never asked for it. That, go ahead. Choice is yours.

tys said...

@RAJ: i saw transformers i look at my car with new found respect..there was a babe in that?

@jules : the spirit is willing but the flesh is too lazy..

@poori : same same pinch.

@divyadear : theres no guarentee of a happy life for any child but u r rite, too much is stacked against a girl ..but i think it will change..

@cocktail : its that mental block i was talking abt...wht exactly is the arguement here? You are refering to the judgement of those around her, arnt u?..or is the guilt she will have to go thru which again is , if u think abt it, is a second hand luggage..

in regards to life...u cud be rite or wrong..can i ask u something? when did u realize that u were alive?

tys said...

@mohammed : where were u all this while? I missed u..

let me tell u where iam coming from...all the points u raised are relevant..but again it comes from ur point of view, from ur sense of right and wrong, from ur moral points...its all valid.. to u...u r going by ur point of view that life is sacred, life is a gift...perhaps from god...whatever..but this is still ur point of cud have been something u were taught to believe, or something u figured out but when u take ur point of view, ur stand to dictate terms on anothers life, it amounts to encroachment...

the choice of playing loud music is fine as long as it doesnt effect another...abortion effects only the one who goes thru with it...u will point out what abt the potential of a life within?...who will fite for them?...i believe the woman shud...its her choice...u will now ask me what abt the father?...if theres an indentifiable one, it depends again on the woman if she wants to consult him....the pregnancy is born by her, why not abortion too?

i agree with u on the pills, contarception etc...but u r also aware that in some society this is not where is a woman in it? her choice?

can i ask u something? what abt a pregnancy due to rape?

in regards to suicide...i have no judgement...its their life..they have the right to do what they want with it as long as it doesnt directly threathen another life...i feel the same towards euthanasia too...

but then thats me...

i didnt ask to be born , so i wudnt like it if i have to ask someone to die..

where are u now? which college?

Cocktail Party said...

@tys...One should know exactly why one would not like to have the baby, what is that stops them? is it fear of the society or is it their own willingness to get rid of an "unwanted baggage"...because if u look at it as ur child u would not like to abort it.

When did i realize that i was alive? i wish i had the memory of Abhimanyu to tell u that :)

tys said...

@cocktail : dont u think that we precieve our being alive only in the past?...i mean its in referece..only when u recall u are is being alive a memory?..iam actually curious...i dont know...

Mohammed Musthafa said...

@Tys: Hmm...that's arguments are on the basic of life being sacred...there being a god, and so on. Pull that off, and there's nothing left.

I've been off blogging for a while, started again a week back :) Now second year in Loyola College, Chennai.

Cocktail Party said...

@tys...Whether being alive is a memory...i have no clue, because i have no memories.
But being alive to me means living each moment as it comes

Sankoobaba said...

spanish is super cool !!

tys said...

@muhammed: was reading ur story the 3 blind men...for a second i thought u actually was interning with the, ur writing is really good...impressed.

chennai, eh?...nice place..really great to hear from u again.

@cocktail : do u realize that when u actually say that , u actually dont make sense...u see, if u think abt it..u cannot live in the present becoz the moment the present is percieved it is already in the past...present , even though feels like it exist, actually doesnt exist...its only a refernce for past ( that has happened) and the future ( what might happen)...theres no action is present...its just doesnt exist..

now u know why i drink..

@shanks : mucho gracious amigo...doesnt that sound so much better than , nani ondu ketto..

Cocktail Party said...

Dear Dear Tys....Lemme ask you something very seriously....Do u write your blog or reply to its comments when you are high on JD..then I must say ur ramblings are justified as your present will look or feel like past to you...So It's all rite ...If I don't make sense....neither do we level here right????:)

tys said...

@cocktail : guilty as charged but only when i am commenting...surprisingly the blogs are done when iam stone cold sober..but drunk or sober...when u think abt it, theres no me , iam not rambling...this is it...there its already in the past.

SUB said...

great post...

we live in a world created out of our prejudice...only when we can break that, will we be able to take a right decision...

as long as that does not happen, everyone should at least have the right to take the decision they want, good or bad...


Manasi said...

Live life like a fool....

Sure. But only after one has attained a momentum in life that allows one to be free of one's responsibility to provide food/shelter/love to people we choose to make part of our journey along the way....

One must live life like a fool who is ready yo listen, and love and be ready to give back everything one took (or continues to take) from others...

Live like a fool, one must in one form or the other!

Shaz said...

Hi Tys,
I agree to everything you say but i dont agree on one thing..
" Because we have made living difficult for women."
naah, I dont think its the men in all honesty!!
and you know what? It wasn't the men who insisted on female infanticide etc.. it was the women who wanted the girls to die.. they were actually doing them a favour by not letting them come to this world!!

PS: thanks for dropping by and your comments were thought provoking!!

Anonymous said...


I am not climbing down this toilet dude, but I will say one thing; I'm with Mohammed Musthafa on this one.

Why does all the choices have to be drastic in life, when there are better choices out there in life, and the thing about a rape pregnency is, you still have to make a right choice, because the result is still a combination of two people and you can't condemn it because of what happened to you, and this argument is like, what if it happened to you. Well you got real chance of dying, then what if to happen. If's are only if's, not real.

I am always about choice, but a good choice, not the one that destroys the life. Making good choice makes us better human being, and by becoming better human being, we become civilised, otherwise we are no better then nazi. Period.