Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love the one you with.

I really love it when science catches up with what I always knew.

Despite being a modest sort of fellow, I would like draw your errant attention to a study that has been done in some country where people can afford to spend money and time on such important things other than on mundane stuff like hunger and poverty.

The case in point is about parenting.

Considering that we have been at it now for close to a couple of 10,000 years, we would think that we would have got the hang of it by now.

Apparently not.

The new study shows that loving your spouse and paying attention to your marriage is more conducive to having your children grow up to be balanced, happy individuals. In short, if you love your children, fix your husband a drink. Preferably wearing spandex.

I always knew this. Its like other things I know. Like that god died in 1546, in a landslide off the coast of Hawaii when he was on vacation with Venus, and his body was never found. One day they are going to dig deep enough and find that body and the world is going to go: Ah, Tys told us so!

But in regards to parenting, I believe that Iam an expert. It comes from being in a position to observe. My wife does the running around,slapping her head in frustration bit etc while I watch and learn. As you are aware , in order for true wisdom, you need to distance yourself from the activities. The distance gives you a 360 degree perception. Laziness also helps.

I have noticed that today's parenting is mostly what has been aptly termed ; by the same people who gave us 'window of opportunity', 'weapons of mass destruction' and 'misunderestimate'; as helicopter parenting.

This is where the said parent hovers around their child/ren, ensuring that they are safe, protected, loved, isolated, bubble wrapped and made ready to face the world.

According to the study this raises a generation of adults who are neurotic, selfish, anxious and depressed. I know it sounds like the general description of a normal human being but this can be changed.

How you ask?

By loving your spouse. This creates an environment of a stable loving relationship that provides a nurturing ground for children who watches and learns the values and ideals of human interaction and relationships, which is what living in a society really requires.

This is why people in Bombay are loving people. ( Note that I didn't say Mumbai, and I wont be out there trying to kill you if you prefer calling Thiruananthapuram, Trivandrum.)

In the majority of Indian homes , which consists of a single room, parental loving is a disturbing reality for its children. So we grow up ,wanting to barf at the mention of sex due to the memory of our loving parents, but nevertheless, balanced and a shining role model of an ideal human being. This is also why we boast of the largest number of people who prefer to become celibates and god man. Nothing kills good old sex than your parents and god.

So, to all the parents out there, next time the ankle biter fails in his 1st grade exams, or falls and grazes his/her knees in the play ground; drop everything , grab your spouse and kiss like theres no tomorrow.

This is what the world needs now. If not for anything, lets do it for our children.


humbl devil said...

that was simply hilarious!!!
is parenting taking such a toll on you??
glad it does...bcoz it's keeping us your fans entertained!!!

Madhumita said...

humble devil: you ask if parenting is taking its toll on Tys? Ever gave a teensy thought to what its doing to the other half thats actually being the parent?? As if living with tysonice on a daily basis wasn't enough or something ... :D

humbl devil said...

yes..i can imagine missy...

my regards

Niall young said...

I heard this report too and I must say I agree with it. In some ways it reminds me of the fact that when you see a famine torn country, and there are relief workers there...ask yourself who are the first to be fed and kept fed?...The relief workers, because without the workers, there will be no one to give the aid. A stable and loving relationship in the context of the family is likewise, the role upon which the children gain their life nourishment about how to conduct their lives, to get the balance right wih give and take, compromise and forgiveness.(Do you know what I mean?)

Anonymous said...

Good brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Tys on Ice said...

@humble devil : u bet...iam so tired...but being a father is a thankless job...oh! i see you been in touch with my wife..well, thats that then...another believer gone.

@mads : Traitor!

@naill : I totally get it. Iam with you on this. The best gift any parents can give to thier children is to love each other...

@anon : college assignment? Huh! What are they teaching u guys nowadays?

Jules said...

Now THIS post makes perfect sense to me! Love your spouse and as a spin off of that, you raise well balanced loving children. Maybe there should be a minimum required amount of sex and love showing in a household per week... what's thescientific formula for the necessary amount?

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