Sunday, April 4, 2010

i cad

I bought my laptop in 2006. My mobile phone is around 4 years old too. I think the tech savvy part of my personality died around the same time.

I think I just gave up trying to keep up.

My current plan is to wait it out and see all the new fads come and go until we develop a technology that will make us Omnipotent, where we become part of the cosmos and each part of us is aware of the action and thought of another.

Who needs Apple ipad after that?

The only competition will be from heaven.

How cool is that? I can just picture the advertisements. On second thoughts, it wont be necessary since I would have already known it by the time they had conceived it.

Iam a potato and gravy kind of a guy. I have never been that into gadgets.It could also be due to my low IQ which cannot process the instruction manual that comes along with those gizmos. My first mobile could be used as a dumbbell but its functions were simple; you press the required numbers, talk on it and then press another button to disconnect. I still don't know most of the functions of the one I own now. Its 4 years old but I heard it can replace my wife if I had bothered to read the manual properly.

I like gadgets. I like that it exists. I may not like to own it. Since owning it will mean having to learn to operate it. My learning curve went south when I was around 10 and its showing no signs of returning anytime now. But I like that there are things out there which can take a Britney up skirt picture, help Paris improve her nocturnal moves, record ex presidents make racial slurs, calculate the exact date when the banks will put us on the streets, listen to the latest about Fergis' lovely humps, watch the latest beheading from the Islamic independent movie makers , google 'nude muscled chicks' and call the supermarket to send home 5 sodas and a packet of Marlboro lights for the evening session with JD.


I like progress. I have no idea where we are headed but its great to know we are moving. Its a heady feeling. This thing called movement. I like to think that progress means theres some sort of movement involved. That we are all going towards something. Heading towards the end of the rainbow or something. Iam pretty optimistic about things. Even though Iam in the cheering squad for the 2012 deluge, I still feel theres something beautiful being concerned about something so simple as wanting to google 'naked muscled chicks' on a gadget that floats to the ground should you happen to drop it.

My workmates have been trying to convince me to buy a blackberry.I don't even want to know what that one does. If it makes jam, Iam willing to give it a try. I wanted to go in for a Wii Fit. I thought that if I can lose a couple of pounds playing video games then I should give it a shot. But technology had brought sports indoors. If I wanted to sweat I would have had sex you fuck face.

I have to go now. Its a long drive back home and I think I will listen to the radio like I always do. Theres an element of surprise in a radio. You never know whats going to come next. I like radio.I like drives.I like long winding roads leading home.

Happy Easter.


Sankoobaba said...

i love gadgets...even a simple digital watch makes me curious..its like "what does this button do" ...
true that gadgets have made life good for us..
but yeah I dont buy into the hype of ipad or for the matter any apple product as long as I am in India..its irrelevant...they dont see India as a market and anyway they dont sell well in India except Ipod ..
i love radio too...used too..nowadays i get bored of bollywood pop music ..and the RJ's are bloody chatter-box...pain!!

good post if a bit long..keep it up..

Anonymous said...

nice. well composed

frissko said...

Nice...I am gadget challenged myself..The last time i bought a phone, i went into a Nokia showroom and asked for the cheapest phone available. The saleswoman didn't bother to ask me to sit, and brought me their 2nd cheapest model, a 1102 (cos 1100s were out of stock). It doesn't make tea or dance, but is a faithful phone nevertheless :)...

Mohammed Musthafa said...

Great as usual!
Agree with the blackberry - jam thing. I thought the same before!

And yes, hearing the radio is really a treat...i wait for something i know to come on!

rm said...

"Theres an element of surprise in a radio" exactly.

Poornima said...

I feel your pain brother! I hate technology, but find myself caught between having to use it, while not wanting to..


humbl devil said...

you lyk long drives???
so you are pretty comfortable and at ease with the tech that goes into your vehicle...
you love writing too...blogging is another piece of tech...:D
and ohh can blog from your's kinda laptop in your packet...:D
anyways interesting read.. :)

humbl devil said...


unforgivable typo...:D

Dr Roshan R said...

hmmm.. ironically i never had a single computer class in school.. just learned to use des gizmos by trial and error.. but ya.. now even im becoming too old for all d fancy stuff coming out

Jules said...

I can't ever keep up with gizmos and gadgets.. they sort of intimidate me, and I have no idea what's out there... cuz there's always something even better. It's a bit frustrating, actually. I'll just be happy with what I have.

Tys on Ice said...

@sankoobaba: i wish i had that curiosity. Iam totally intimidated by technology.

@anon : iam glad you didnt think it was compost.

@frissko : yep...i get that a lot...the sales persons cold shoulder.

@mohd.mustafa : whats with fruits and gadgets?

@rm: all together now! 'All we hear is radio gaga , radio gogo...'

@poornima : you are refering to the electric razor arent u? :)

@hmble devil : iam all for technology. love the car, the radio, the lap top, the mobile...just love it all...but i wouldnt marry know?

@dr.roshan: feel for you...

@jules : i know that intimidating feeling...damn...iam scared to even go near a mobile shop lest I seem like a complete moron..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I hate technology, it has created more problems then solutions in the world. My phone is over 5 years old too. I don't like any gadgets that are named after fruits. Fucking apple I-pad, what the hell.