Monday, March 7, 2011


For a guy who seemed to have spend almost all his life trying to find the meaning of life, you will think, would by now know how to live.

Well , my friends, I do.

Anyone who knows me, I know, will disagree.

I invite their gaze towards my raised third finger.

Now, that my friends, is how I live my life.

As I never tire of emphasising, my way need not be your way. My meat is in all probability poison for you. So let me , my poor captive audience, go further into my journey in whogivesafuckism.

You probably know by now that my wife has prohibited all talks that revolves around my work and my state of mind inside the house ( not my state of mind inside the house, which is largely a state of confusion but rather discussion in relation to the state of my mind is prohibited within the four walls of my abode).

This ban has resulted in a sudden silence in the house, since beyond this, I seem to have nothing else to speak about. Point made woman!

So thats where you come in.

Call it farting in the wind ( which is what any talk about life really is. One hopes that someone , somewhere will sniff the stink)

According to me, theres no way anyone alive can ever know the meaning of life. Now that does not mean that we will know the meaning once we are dead. I wouldnt know. The last I checked I had a pulse and have no particular craving for blood.

Actually I dont think theres any meaning to life at all. I mean, the very question is a meaningless question. Think about it.

Its like asking, whats the meaning of wind.

Fuck if I know.

Heres my paradox, I didnt witness my birth and theres a plausible chance that I will not witness my death. Yet Iam told I existed for all eternity. And you call me drunk.

Face it.

We are the body. Every perception , every experience , all that makes you you are within this body. No matter how many theories are thrown around and how many times some guy with a beard says otherwise, you cannot exist outside your body and be aware of it. You can, of course fool yourself into thinking that you do, but tell me something-

when you think, do you hear it? or do you see it?

Tell me something.

What the fuck is choiceless awareness?

I have no clue. But I dont pretend that I do.

Now, therein lies the core of whogivesafuckism.

As long as you ask a question for the sake of asking a question, there will be enough and more cunning little bastards out there trying to convince you that they have the answer.

But they cant possibly know you.

They can theorize about you, they can even assume that they know you. The result thats you due to the combination and accumulation of the billions of recycled atoms, willed to a certain extent by the genetical code that could be the nearest thing to an immortal part in your whole body, is unique.

One of a kind.

Yet we are told to believe in a fit all sizes salvation.

And you call me mad.

They tell me that we are all the result of our experiences, that is in reality past. Which makes me a dead man walking.

They tell me that we are exactly where we want to be due to the choices we have made. We are in charge of our destiny.

And I tell them take their mother for a walk on a leash.

Tell that to the 4 year old kid who was raped and killed in the rest room of the mosque during ramadan. Tell that to the girl who was locked up by her prevert father to be his sex slave for an eternity. Tell that to the palestine father who tried miserably to shield his son from Israeli bullets. Tell that to the millions of jews who were murdered while their neighbours watched.


Yep. Now is when they throw the whole karma thing at me and this is where I tune off. I find this whole karma thing boring. Iam I the only one who sees that it actually serves no real purpose in the actual business of living?

You are trying to find a reason when there are none. You are trying to find a meaning when there are none. You are trying to find a purpose when there are none.

What is the purpose of a karma when you have no idea if you had a previous life? It is a speculation.

Here is the foundation of whogivesafuckism.

I do not know.

But Iam a king of living. I have been doing it for 41 years with no special effort.

Just have to wake up.


Amropali said...

I am at a stage where I have to study the theories on all the '-isms' in the world and I think my brain sometimes screams out 'Who gives a fuck, well not me!'
Next time I am made to write an essay about post-modernism,dadaism, yada-yada-ism et al, I'll throw my own 'ism-full' term at them- 'whogivesafuckism' =)

Raghu said...

Most of us do not know the meaning of life.I say most because I do not know it - at least not yet. But that does not necessarily negate the fact that *someone* there might not know it!

Again that is Hope speaking... that *someone* knows about it and that someday that *someone* could be you/me too!

And the more I have been thinking about it - the answer has to come from *inside* - if at all we ever discover the meaning. I doubt an 'external' route to knowing about life even exists!

Probably a substitute question worth pondering on would be - what is the best way to live life? That I realize is more 'practical', 'result-oriented' and 'fulfilling'.

--xh-- said...

wind on your face, sweet thumping of bike, and that well earned JD and that book after that ride - I rest my case :-D

Travel Bug said...

Nice post. you should try stand up really. you have a dark sense of humor.

Poornima said...

If this had come from anyone else, I would have thought them terribly cynical..

Poornima said...

awesome post btw

Sankoobaba said...

fallen down dizzy..

Minu said...

Aww...bold indeed! loved it!

Arunima said...

breathe in and breathe out.

"Now, therein lies the core of whogivesafuckism." hahaha

Jules said...

You're 41? OMG. You're so old.

Just kidding. I'm not too far from that myself.

Whogivesafuckism. I like the phrase. It's catchy.

Karma.. does it just exist from one life to another? I thought it was what you did in everyday life that affected it, on a daily basis. Do good and karma will give you good things. Do bad and hope you don't end up 6 feet under.

If it just affects us from one life to the next, you mean to tell me that I have to live 80+ years ALL good in order to have a nice next life? I'm already doomed if that's the case.

Purba said...

"Whogivesafuckism" is it being selfish?

I don't care a damn what you think about me?

I'm going to live life on my terms and the rest of you can go to hell?

Will that turn us into a sociopath or will it set us free?

tys said...

@amropali : hey, my first make sure that u make ur own whogivesafuckism.

@raghu: precisely. i think we need to focus more on how to live than spend useless time wondering how we got it..forget all that...where u been man? how are u?

@xh: :) u my friend are alive.

@travel bug : i suffer from severe case of mercifully the world will only suffer me like this.

@poori : boy am i glad u know and cynical somehow dont go hand in hand...why is that everytime someone wants to walk an unbeated path, people get all antsy?

@sankoobaba: :) i hope u r far better now...

@minu : bold? how ? but iam glad u liked it...

@arunima : i cudnt have said it better :)

@jules : for u i will be forever 18..

yep. u got it bad girl. karma is like a carry over thingy. so u get a crappy deal in this life, and u still manage to pull thru watching every one around u faring far better ; then in ur next life u will probably be born as a saudi prince. its a compensation deal. it also helps in justifying the shit u see around and want answers for. Its our instant quickfix for all questions which starts with ' why?'

in other words : bullocks.

@purba : tell me any other way to live? even though whogivesafuckism means to live despite others, it doesnt mean that ur life is answerable to anothers life. Look around, show me any selfless act and I will show u the selfishness behind it...why is that such a bad thing? Its our very nature...why are we constantly denying it?

i find sincerely selfish people beautiful...iam not talking about the cut anothers throat to further mine kind of people...they shud be shot...iam talking abt the ones who lives a life and is not sorry about it...who has the strength to walk away from situations that does not suit them...who are honest to themselves...who doesnt invade .... who doesnt confirm becos thats what is expected....who has no expectations from others and lets them live their life their own way.

but then, this is what i u dont have to agree to any of this...u actually shudnt...

aaina123 said...

Have you ever seen Joan Rivers on the comic are kinda like her..

Jules said...

Ur adorable... but who'd want an 18 year old forever? Well, at least you made yourself the legal limit... ;P

pramod said...

very meaningful bland severe blow. really cleverly put. I sometimes shudder at your way of putting things.
thumbs up.

Tys on Ice said...

@aaina123 : never heard of her but to say that i look like a girl is mean.

@jules : yep i did, didnt i?

@pramod: i like thumbs up..that probably is the only finger which i like being up by itself when directed at me...its comforting. Thanks

Pundit Commentator said...

Applause for you. Fantastic post.

Anonymous said...

This is very good entertainment.
What is so different between us and those who cuts others troats to futher their means, when nothing matters in the world to gain extra what ever?

Why shouldn't that father be allowed to keep his young girl as his sex slave, when nothing matters in this world and he doesn't have to answer for it in this world to any body.

If karma doesn't matter why should we give a fuck about others, or their fate?

Why shouldn't we be allowed to do, what we want to do, as we please, if nothing matters and no body is held accountable for what ever they do.

Why the hell should we give a damn about any thing in this world, when nothing matters. Now that is the question TYS?

I loved your writeup / logic and your argument and your justification but the question still stands.

Why should we care? TYS When it's all about now, not later!


tys said...

harry: why should we care? I don't know but we somehow do...don't we? what i mean is, you don't really need a religion or the invisible man in the sky to care for someone or to be kind to fact will it not be terrible if the only thing reason why you care or love or are kind or any of those things that we give a positive spin to, is because we are scared of being punished? Will not that make us the most self centered, selfish, creatures ever?

who cares if there is a karma? it will not matter to you, because the harry that is reading this is existent only now, at this unique space in will not be there to experience once its context is removed...any act that involves another will have consequences...its a law in cant escape that...

harry, we are not important in the way religion says we are...its not in this belief that sun shines out of our arse or that the universe is created for us...that is a very arrogant point of view not based on any actual evidence ( like racism)...

Sairam said...

farting in the wind :-) as some one said you should try stand up. you will be awesome. but make sure audience sit against the wind.

tys said...

Sairam, I shud try a lot of things...iam too shy to talk in public...did you know that I used to sing in a band and have been on stage from the age of 4 ? But I can't speak... Figure that out.