Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bullshits : Chapter 2

Amid all the questions that a human will ask in his life time, yearning for understanding of his existence, his purpose, his meaning, theres one that stands out.

Why do people blog?

I have no clue.

But I can tell you why I blog.

I blog for the same reason some people unleash their creativity on bathroom walls.

I blog for the same reason why some people pee in the pool.

I blog for the same reasoning behind the person who writes to the editor of a newspaper thinking that words printed will mean that he was able to make a difference.

I blog for the same reason as Jesus, when being confronted with people who were bent on stoning to death Mary Magdalane for adultary, wrote on the sand with a twig before answering : He who has not sinned, let him cast the first stone.

Jesus was a blogger.

I blog because most of the thing I say ,you will listen, only because you dont know me. I blog because I know that you dont care about me and I have no real place in your life, therefore whatever I say here will actually get to you.

See? Who said that an uncaring world isnt a positive thing?

This is why, we dont listen to our parents, our spouses, our friends but will worship the words of a stranger whom we dont know but think we do. Blogging makes everyone a guru.

See. Lets put a spiritual spin on this.

How does god exist? It relies on its existence to the believers. You might disagree; but if none of us believed in a god , then the question of its existence will never have risen.Its like the question of the existence of Maragosepinia Kolakutz.

It didnt exist untill I made it.

So, if god really does exist, he totally relies on us to keep him doing the things he does, being immortal souls and all. So as long as god exist, mankind will exist. It is codependent. So if he really existed, then theres no reason to fear, is there? Its all peachy. But is it?

We know in a deep rooted way that we are screwed. We write books about it, makes movies about it, talk about it , dream about it, have nightmares about it and some people get to have sex because of it. We know that our days are numbered. So we pray. If we cant control it, then there must be someone who can. Its called hope.

The last I heard, hope floats.

Shit also floats.

So you see, when someone asks, why do people blog? its because we can.

As long as there is a natural tendency in us humans to be curious, to be interested, to be questioning, to be alive, there will be seeking , there will be listening, there will be reading. That will give rise to the seen, the speaker, the writer.

They are codependent. Its expressions might be many but its reasons will be the same.

I blog because of the few who reads it.


Vysh @The Colourful Eyes said...

Ahh.. Gud one Tys[May i knw ur Original name ?]
Evn i thought f writing abt this.. Coz evryone asks me fr the reason y am blogging which in return i hav no convincing answer.. From now I'l redirct thm to this article...
Cheeeers :)

The Grunt said...

I really like this post, Tys. I have asked myself recently why I continue to blog, when it isn't as cool as it used to be. The answer, at least for now, is that I don't give a shit about blogging. But I do find that I still blog, nonetheless. It's become part of my life that I don't even have to really worry about. I just do it. I like that. BTW, the stuff about god is spot on.

Purba said...

I blog because I can! Almost sounds like a Nike ad!

Loved your spiritual spin! The thought of mortality that makes us seek him out. True..very true.

Sonia said...

My blog is a record now of all the stupid mistakes/experiments I have undertaken in life and it's nice to go back and read at a later time. Often we forget lessons learnt and go thru the same turmoil again for no reason!

tys said...

@vysh: u mean to say that my reason applies to you also? Wow, imagine that!

@grunt:i have always thought that in some ways your blog is therapeutic for you...you seem to treat it like a sounding board, a punching bag, a mirror...great part is that u have a lovely bunch of people reading and caring for u...i was reading 'into the wild' and was thinking that in some ways u r like that guy...u just keep on going..

@purba: u think i shud copyright it?
i have always felt that its fear that invented our version of god...mortality is just one more thing to be scared of...dont ask me why...i didnt make the rules

Poornima said...

Apt title. Should have prefaced it with 'A Lot Of'.

You blog because thats your preferred mode of expression Tys. Some talk. Some sing ghazals. Others bonk people's heads with a cheenchatti. Im one of those. & if you continue with these deep/angsty/angry/spitting cobra type posts, the head in question will undoubtedly be yours.

I WANT THE FUNNY-TYS BACK!! Hes the best kind! Where has he GONE??? Come on, its a reader demand, bring him back!!


joshi daniel said...

very very cool :D

rm said...

@purba: u think i shud copyright it?
i have always felt that its fear that invented our version of god...mortality is just one more thing to be scared of...dont ask me why...i didnt make the rules.

my opinion - its not fear that invented god...it might be fear that keep god going for the people who think less. but fear didnt create god.may be the quest, the curiosity, search for an answer, the end of reasoning that ended/started in GOD.

Tys on Ice said...

@poori : u mean girl...adding a prefix of 'lot of' would have made that thing a bovine verbal diarheaa..and whats wrong with u? u didnt find the last 2 post funny? man, iam losing my touch...keep that cheenachati away, iam mending my ways.

@joshi: u here? Damn! Iam a fan.

@rm : u could be right. but i think quest, contemplation etc are the by product rather than the reason behind 'why god'...the invention of a god was a good option to explain things that we didnt know or couldnt explain...so u r saying that the question had to rise first before the answer....thats a gud thought...its probably true...

Sankoobaba said...

"So you see, when someone asks, why do people blog? its because we can."
"I blog because of the few who reads it."

these two lines clinched it for me...awesome concept

Tys on Ice said...

@sanks : cudnt think of any other reason which didnt come out as bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is turning me in to taliban according to my MRS. So you are the driving force, so if I get in to shit, I can always blame you. You are the voice in the head now. :) Maybe I think I should start calling you TYS BABA. :)