Monday, October 26, 2009

Crazy Lil thing called Lurve.

Have you noticed the amount of crap we say to each other? In fact we really seem to believe most of it because we say it so many times that we tend to fall for our own bullshit.


Anyways. Here goes the list of lies we tell to each other in a relationship and we believe it to be the truth.

I love you just the way you are.

Of course I don't mind if you go out with him/her.

I trust you.

No, I dont think you are being silly.

Theres not a single selfish bone in my body.

I dont know why these things happen to me. I dont deserve this. I have never harmed anybody.

Of course Iam not jealous.

No I really dont mind.

Theres nothing to forgive.

Yes son, there is a god.

Rambo ( the gold fish) is in heaven now. No, it doesnt matter that I flushed him. No shit does not go to god.

Iam not angry.

Not today, I have a headache.

I cant live without you.

Life is meaningless without you.

Iam fine.

I never think of myself. Its always about you.

You complete me.

We are soul mates.

What girl? I wasnt paying attention.

Of course I wasnt looking.

Iam listening.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

I miss you all the time.

You are always on my mind

I dont mean to hurt you, but...

No offence but...

I love you but...

Its not fat, its muscles.

Iam not upset with you, Iam just having a bad day.

I dont lie.

I never lie.


To be honest...

Trust me, ...

No son , it wont hurt.

Nothing bad will happen to you, son, as long as Iam alive.

I will learn to love him/her.

I will never hurt you.

I understand.

If you think life is crazy, all you need to do is listen to the nonsense we tell each other. Isnt love the craziest thing there is? Admit it. We are all guilty of this.

Your turn.


Sairekha said...

Lol.. seriously! :) Here's another one we heard recently, after our apartment was in ankle deep water post a WC pipe accident - "We feel your pain".

Where do people source their cheese dripping lines!! :)

Nags said...

hehehe.. you seem to have too much time in your hands now. get busy Tys!

Suma said...


you actually get time, in between all the managing the household stuff and velcro and the OPIM?

i knew you would enjoy this week with just the kids for company :)

Mohammed Musthafa said...

Liked the list of lies....but personally felt the title wasnt apt. Catchy title, yes...but not completely fitting with the post perhaps...

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...


Another Blogger said...

"Rambo ( the gold fish) is in heaven now. No, it doesnt matter that I flushed him. No shit does not go to god"


Shruti said...

"ur happiness is my happiness"

god what a collection of silly talk u got :P

Niall young said...

It's a minefield for us isn't it?....good grief, how does one answer when asked by one's partner who stands before you and asks, "does my bum look big in this?" and it actually does.

Lata said...

"Rambo ( the gold fish) is in heaven now. No, it doesnt matter that I flushed him. No shit does not go to god"
lol, a masterpiece:)

yeah, wat a bunch of hypocrites we are when we are 'managing' our rel'ps- another one we use is 'i am not judging you, but...' 'You know i care for your family as much as i care for mine...'

Preeti said...

I think all of what we say - or atleast most of it - is just appeasement talk...just to make the situation less troublesome...speaking the truth is definitely the better option but it has consequences that im sure we'd rather avoid... :D

Anytin to make life better!

Prats said...

These are those small bits of rosettes on the cake we eat....its too sweet to digest but too hard to ignore...
I told you you're gonna enjoy this week with velcro and OPIM....we are..I am loving these snippets of gyan :D

Diamond and Pearl said...

My husband of 18 years never utters these words, he has never done that! I used to think of him as weird/emotionally blank, it took a while for me to understand him, and when I finally did I'm in love with him, no honestly! and nuh huh I don't tell him that, never! Nice blog (honestly)!

Jules said...

How about "I'd love to wax your back hair, Honey!"

Manasi said...

how about "I know you better than you think I do"

Sankoobaba said...

one from me.

"I thought you could do anything for me"

my ex bombarded me with this.... to...

Poornima said...

I think your days are numbered..the dreaded dakoo-HHG is looking for you! Go read.

Shachi said...

LOL! Hilarious post Tys.....I am guilty of saying ALL of this!!!!

Hip Grandma said...

Finally I get to read this post and comment too. I think it was my I'net explorer that was to be blamed.Your site listens to Mozilla (sounds like a girl's name).

I now know that all that you guys tell gals are a pack of lies!Thanks for owning up.

Bramha said...

'This means nothing. We can always be good friends'

Madhumita Pravin said...

Uh oh - you mean you don't? and you do? and you don't?? and you do? and you really do? and there is? and there isn't? and you DID'nt have a headache?? But its alright Tys. I really do understand. Honestly. Because there isn't a single selfish bone in my body and there is absolutely nothing to forgive.

Tys on Ice said...

@sairekha: they did? ask them did they smell it too?

@nags : :)...i got too much of everything in my hands nowadays..

@suma : u r delusional woman...nobody enjoys that!

@mohd : List of Love Lies would have been too difficult to say after my 2 pegs

@harini : :)

@another blogger : It really doesnt...wonder why.

@shruti : good one.

@niall : thats when u calmly say : No darling, you look lovely.

@lata : its not exactly hypocracy, its called tact. Problem is that even when we shout from the rooftops about communication etc, in reality, people only want to hear what they want to hear...

@preeti : but its still pretence isnt it? The lovely curtains to hide the view within?

@prats : iam glad atleast one of us is. :)

@diamond and pearl : i actually read ur blog...all of it...i kinda curious abt someone who can make a statement like that...u okie now?

@jules : okie then...thats close to I love it when you use my toothbrush, it makes me feel closer to you.

@manasi : Oh, thats the big white one...

@sankoobaba : doesnt count...wht wud be rated is when u said : I will do anything for you.. :) ...

@poori : thanks for the, i was scared...HHG makes me quake in my boots...

@sachi : i think all of us are...

@hip grandma : Ha! read the comments, all the gals agreed..iam onto you girls...

@Brahma : about : I love you and I know nothing will come out of it , so lets just be friends... ( translated : I have my eyes on you and I will wait for my oppurtunity)

@mads : ;) ... well, u always did know when I mean things and when I dont...its my fucking face isnt it? Damn.

Sankoobaba said...

..of course..
on a a fit of love..
I said to her...
I could do anything for you..
and yes
" I will love you more than myself"
yes that too...

next time I will think before I say such things..

eunoia said...

LOL! but most of the time, i really mean it when i say it all.

Anonymous said...

I think your Mrs. maybe on to you dude, so no more lies. All women find out soon one way or other.

As for me I don't use any of them and you know what, I have never told my Mrs. I love her to this day, even after 21 years of marriage.

If you open a can of worms it will start to crawl, so it's better not to open one.